Hive Rewards

Sign up for HIVE REWARDS and BEE REWARDED for every dollar you spend! 
Each time you make a purchase you earn points “nectar credits”.  After earning 50 points you can CASH ‘EM IN for a discount on your next purchase or SAVE ‘EM UP for a bigger discount or free big ticket item!   Here’s how…


Earn Nectar

1 NECTAR CREDITS for every .90 cents you spend* and…

Double Nectar Credits on your half birthday

2 Nectar Credits when you turn in a review card

2 Nectar Credits for liking us on FB

3 Nectar Credits for followings us on INST


Get Honey

50 Credits = 1 signature cookie

100 Credits = 1 ooey gooey large cookie  

150 Credits = speciality filled cupcake

250 Credits = 1 small dessert
(mousse cup, parfait,  creme brulee , specality brownie)

300 Credits = any large specialty coffee drink
maple latte,  vanilla capuccino etc…

550 Credits =  free panini or lunch hot plate special


Bee Happy

as a rewards member you get special  HIVE PERK ALERTS, which are invitations to all kinds of amazing offers &
free -bees!  like….

Buy one get ONE FREE days


FREE COFFEE mornings




 see details page for complete rules & regulations




Sign Up for Hive Rewards

When you sign up for Hive Rewards, you earn nectar credits that can be turned in for free food, seasonal coupons, two for one deals & more! upon signing up you automatically win your first honey reward (redeemable for two mini bites or one soft cookie)! and that’s just the beginning!
Click for full reward list & terms & conditions.

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