Hot Beverages

Also available iced.  Can be prepared with the following options at additional charge.
Soy Milk or Almond Milk.  House Made Syrups: Carmel, Maple, Vanilla, Mocha
Espresso Shot


Organic House Roast
dark, medium & light roasts
small 12 oz , large 16 oz

single Shot , double Shot 

small 12 ozlarge 16 oz

Small 12 oz,   Med 16 oz

Latte – American Style
small 12 oz,  large 16 oz

Cafe Au Lait
small 12 oz, large 16 oz

double shot

double shot

Con Panna
double shot espresso topped with whipped cream

Flat What
small 12 oz, large 16oz

Flavored Latte Options
all syrups & flavors made from scratch in house: caramel latte, vanilla bean latte, mocha latte, maple latte, peanut butter cup, mocha ameretto, cinnamon dulce de leche latte, crème brulee latte, honey bee latte,bee stinger latte, egg nog latte (december only)

Dirty Chai Latte
Small 12 oz,  Medium 16 oz 

Chai Tea Latte
Small 12 oz, Medium 16 oz 

Choice of  black, green & herbal tea bags: english breakfast, earl grey, chai, cinnamon spice, sencha, chamomile, peppermint, roobios
Small 12 oz,  Medium 16 oz

London Fog
small 12 oz, large 16oz

Unsweetened Matcha
small 12 oz, large 16oz

Superfood latte
unsweetened concentrated powders blended with milk for an amazingly healthy non-coffee latte: matcha, ruby ginger, golden orange, matcha jade cacao
small 12 oz, large 16oz

Steamed Apple Cider
Kids 8 oz,  Small 12 oz,  Medium 16 oz

Caramel Apple, The Drink!
kids 8 oz sm 12 oz. lg 16 oz

Parisian Style Drinking Chocolate
pure decadence in a cup. imported 65% dark chocolate melted in steamed milk & served with generous heap of whipped cream.
one size only, 8 oz

Stowe Bee Hot Cocoa
our own blend of dark grated begium chocolate & imported dark dutch processed cocoa powder, steamed with local rich Mt Mansfield milk.
kids 8 oz. sm 12 oz. lg 16 oz

Hot Cocoa Flavors: Peanut Butter Cup Cocoa, Peppermint Stick Cocoa, Vanilla Bean Cocoa, Caramel Maple Cocoa, Chocolate Almond Cocoa

Milk Steamers
local Mt. Mansfield milk steamed to frothy perfection (not too hot)
kids 8 oz sm 12 oz lg 16 oz

Milky Steamer Flavors — all syrups & flavors made from scratch in house: vanilla bean milk steamer, peppermint milk steamer, cinnamon milk steamer, maple milk steamer, caramel milk steamer
additional charge of for each added flavor



Cold Beverages

Assorted Caned Sodas, Seltzers & Bottled Water



Frozen Coffee & Non Coffee Drinks

seasonally available, in 12 or 16 oz size

Coffee Pow Alert
Frozen Blended Sweet Coffee Drink 

Carmel Vortex
Frozen Blended Carmel Coffee Drink

Vanilla White Out
Frozen Blended Vanilla Coffee Drink

Maple Frostbite
Frozen Blended Maple Coffee Drink

Mocha Nor’easter
Frozen Blended Chocolate Coffee Drink

Frozen Hot Chocolate
Frozen Blended Chocolate Drink (no coffee)

Vanilla Flurry
Frozen Blended Vanilla & Milk Drink (no coffee)


Fruit Smoothies

made with fresh fruit, no sweeteners added in 16 oz size 

Summer Shower Smoothie
Fresh Fruit Smoothie with Bananas &  Strawberries

Tropical Storm Smoothie
Fresh Fruit Smoothie with Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry

El Nino Smoothie
Fresh Fruit Smoothie Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, Banana
(blended with choice of milk or oj)



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