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Breakfast & Dessert Catering


Breakfast Boxes

enjoy warm fresh baked morning treats in your PJs, at the office or order one as a gift!  all breakfast items are baked to order fresh the morning you receive them and can last for at least 2 days if kept in air tight. 

3 day notice required for breakfast orders

Joe to Go Coffee Box (serves 8 -12)
locally roasted organic backcountry coffee.  comes with cups, stirrers, sugars & half & half  (almond or soy milk add $2.99)

Local Organic Coffee – By the Pound
locally roasted organic backcountry coffee, available by the pound, ground or whole bean with any breakfast box for $16.55

Tea to Go Box (serves 8-12)
hot water & assorted Harney & Sons tea bags.   comes with cups, stirrers, sugars & milk (almond or soy milk add $2.99)

Mixed Muffin Box (six per box)
our pastry chef’s selection of fresh baked mid sized muffins which may include: blueberry,  citrus berry blast, lemon poppy, raspberry tangerine,  strawberry lemon swirl, cappuccino chip  (can request all of one kind, or exclude any variety)

Morning Frittata  (serves 10-14)
a delicious assortment of flavorful sautéed vegetables, local cheeses & local eggs (add local sausage, ham or bacon for addition $4.50)

Mixed Scone Box (ten per box)
our pastry chef’s selection of fresh baked mid sized scones which may include: blueberry almond,  apricot, raisin,  strawberry brie,  cranberry orange,  cherry almond,  honey almond,  (can request all of one kind, or exclude any variety)

Mixed Danish / Cinnamon Bun Box (six per box)
our pastry chef’s selection of fresh baked house made danish which may include: apricot,  mixed berry,  cheese,  almond  (can request all of one kind, or exclude any variety) or six mid sized cinnamon buns baked fresh to order and served with ooey gooey cream cheese frosting

Breakfast Breads (sold per loaf) 
banana,  banana nut, banana chocolate chunk,  cranberry orange almond, pumpkin,  lemon blueberry (each loaf serves 6- 8)

Crumb Cakes (sold per tray, serves 6-8)
classic NY style crumb (moist yellow cake LOADED with yummy buttery crumbs),  oat berry crumb, oat berry almond crumb, maple crumb

please note: portion size on all the individual breakfast items are slightly smaller then the jumbo sizes sold in the bakery

3 day notice required for breakfast orders



Dessert Platters

all served in on a decorative platter or gift box with ribbon estimated at 2 ½ pieces per person
*12 person minimum order*

Mixed Brownie Bites
our pastry chef’s selection of our most popular brownies & bars, which may include:  lemon squares, fudge brownies, cheesecake brownies, blondies, smore’s bar, german chocolate brownies etc

Soft Cookie Bites
our pastry chef’s combination of our most popular varieties which may include: ooey gooey chocolate chip, chocolate sea salt almond, peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter cup,  chocolate white chocolate,  chocolate cherry chunk,  happy trails,   oat cran raisin,  gingerdoodles

Signature Cookie Platter
our pastry chef’s selection of our signature bite sized cookies which may include: honey buttons, rosemary olive oil shortbread, chocolate shortbread sables & cranberry pistachio cookies

Mini Pastry Platter
our pastry chef’s selection of our most popular pastries which may include: eclairs, cream puffs, mini tarts, chocolate obsessions & mini parfait cups

Decorated shortbread 
(sold per 1/2 dozen per shape)
snowboards, mittens,  snowflakes, snowmen, flip flops, flowers, butterflies.
other shapes available upon request
(themed cookie decorating kits  also available)

email requests to: info@stowebeebakery.com



Whoopie Pies & Cupcakes

Mini Whoopie Pies
(sold per ½ dozen per flavor)classic, oreo, double chocolate, chocolate raspberry, chocolate caramel, chocolate peanut butter,  pumpkin cream-cheese,  double maple, carrot cream-cheese

Cake Pops
(sold per ½ dozen per flavor)
double chocolate,  ,cookies & cream, vanilla funfetti, raspberry chocolate,  strawberry vanilla & peanut butter chocolate

Cupcake Platters…
mini cupcakes per dozen per flavor
filled cupcakes per dozen per flavor

available flavors…

chocolate oreo
banana split
white chocolate raspberry
mocha fudge
almond joy
the Elvis (banana cupcake, fudge & pb frosting)
lemon raspberry
boston cream (2 day notice required)
 marshmallow white out
fluffer nutter (2 day notice required)
vanilla latte
chocolate raspberry
peanut butter cup
double maple cream (2 day notice required)
toasted almond

Amazing Cakes

all our cakes are three rich cake layers  filled & frosted with heavenly whipped Italian buttercream.

Cake sizes

7”  serves 6 -10
10” serves 12 – 16
12” serves 20 – 35

cakes available in 24-48 hours
Vanilla Cake, Vanilla Frosting
Chocolate Cake,  Vanilla Frosting
Vanilla Cake,  Chocolate Frosting
Mocha Goodness
Chocolate Raspberry
Double Chocolate Fudge
Raspberry Lemon

(all 10” or 12” cakes require a minimum of 7 day regardless of flavor)

cakes available with 7 day notice
Apricot Almond
Caramel Cream
Red Velvet
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Chocolate Oreo
Chocolate Strawberry
Fruit & Cream
German Chocolate
Mocha Amaretto
Strawberry Mocha White Chocolate


theme cakes, illustrations, specialty flowers etc are available at additional cost with a minimum of  7 -10 day notice. email requests to: info@stowebeebakery.com


Cupcake Flavors

vanilla chocolate
vanilla cupcake with chocolate butetercream

vanilla vanilla
vanilla cupcake, vanilla frosting (can be any color)

tuxedo cupcake
chocolate cupcake, vanilla buttercream & topped with a black & white chocolate decoration

double black diamond
chocolate cupcake, fudge filling, chocolate buttercream with chocolate shavings

chocolate oreo
chocolate cupcake, oreo frosting topped with a mini oreo

banana split
banana cupcake, strawberry/vanilla frosting, chocolate ganache topping, sprinkles & a cherry!

white chocolate raspberry
white chocolate cupcake with raspberry filling & white chocolate buttercream frosting, garnished with white chocolate shavings

mocha fudge
chocolate cupcake, fudge filling, espresso buttercream topped with chocolate coffee bean

almond joy
chocolate cupcake, almond buttercream, toasted coconut shavings, toasted almonds & mini chocolate chips

caramel banana chunk
banana cupcake, caramel filling & chocolate buttercream

the Elvis
banana cupcake, fudge filling, peanut butter buttercream with chopped peanuts 

lemon raspberry
lemon cupcake, with raspberry filling & lemon/raspberry swirl buttercream

boston cream
vanilla cupcake, vanilla cream filling & chocolate fudge frosting

the hostess
chocolate cupcake, filled with housemade marshmallow ‘fluff’ filling & dipped in chocolate ganache

marshmallow white out
vanilla cupcake, marshmallow frosting covered in coconut & sparkling sugar 

fluffer nutter
vanilla cupcake, marshmallow filling & peanut butter frosting topped with chopped peanuts

vanilla latte
vanilla cupcake infused with espresso, with espresso buttercream with an espresso bean

strawberry chocolate
chocolate cupcake, strawberry buttercream & chocolate shavings

peanut butter cup
chocolate cupcake, peanut butter frosting topped with a mini peanut butter cup

double maple cream
maple cupcake, maple cream filling with maple buttercream topped with maple sugar

toasted almond
almond cupcake with  almond frosting & coconut shavings

chocolate bee stinger
chocolate cupcake, with honey buttercream

apricot almond
almond cupcake, apricot filling with apricot almond swirl frosting topped with toasted almonds

theme  cupcakes, specialty flowers etc are available at additional cost with a minimum of  7 -10 day notice. email requests to: info@stowebeebakery.com



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